Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Much To Talk Abaout.....

So why haven't I done it? I really do not have a real good excuse but my life has gotten a bit crazy especially the last three or four weeks. After arriving in NM I had a lot of things to get in order. My hubby and I accomplished finding a place to live. We got our fridge and pantry stocked appropriately. We began acquiring some cleaning appliances for the house that we did not have. We basically set up house without most of out household goods since they were still stored in Greensboro NC until we could get them transported. I found my needed support group to hang with a couple of times a month. I found somewhat gainful employment working as an extra in film. And found a part time position as a personal assistant.
So what is so crazy now? Our household goods arrived just before Labor Day Weekend. We emptied our PODS and sent them back. Now we can only fit one car in the garage instead of two. I am still unpacking boxes a couple at a time in the house and almost have them done. I can tackle the garage stuff next I think.
I spent a four day extended weekend in New Orleans with a wacky bunch of gals I know both personally and online. That was all kinds of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I even tasted oysters for the first time. They were baked (I don't eat sushi either) and I was surprised that I actually liked them. I also found out that I can have a shot of whiskey and handle it okay. I even drank a mixed Southern Comfort drink and survived that New Orleans style LOL! The craziest thing I did was to sing karaoke very badly. I never could sing but I had to make a fool out of myself somehow. I wanted to ride the mechanical bull but I chickened out on that one. I hope I get another chance though because I think it could be fun to try it.
I arrived home from my much enjoyed mini vacation on Monday morning. My generous boss picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at home. I did not have to work that day and was glad for a little recovery time. But I did attend my acting class Monday night. I turn my cell phone off for the class and forgot to turn it back on. That was not a good thing because I missed an important text from the hubby. He had been taken to emergency at the hospital downtown. This was the beginning of a tough week for me though it was really tougher for him so I should not at all complain. He had a mild heart attack and he was kept at the hospital for five days. I finally got to bring him home on Friday afternoon. He was not released for work until last night. I worried too much about him and did not sleep well knowing he might have another heart attack if his stress level goes up. But he trooped through his first night back and said he did fine except for occasional twinges from time to time? He says he continues to have them. This sucks for him and I am on worry watch now. I only hope his cardio and PCP figure out how to help him and get him back to what he considers normal. So until that happens I guess I don't get to have normal either.
Was that a complaint? I suppose it was. I really don't want to be a whiner. But I did hope for a normal life for a while longer now that I have my health back. It seems so unfair to be healthy and feel good when my husband of nearly 32 years is feeling so bad. I want better for him than this. i hope we can find it for him.
Through all of this I am continuing to lose weight and am down today to 144.5 pounds. This puts me only ten pounds away from a normal BMI. I am continuing to get my protein first and take all of my vitamins. And I have stepped up my H2O intake. I am doing everything I can to keep my health since without it I can't help my ole man. Thanks for listening.

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