Friday, January 7, 2011

Why not?

I read a lot of blogs. Most of them are very good writers and I could never hope to compare. Do I have something to say? Maybe. Can I say it here? Possibly. Will it be worth someone else's time to read? Who knows. I do know that if I write some of the things I generally think about a few heads will get scratched. My mind is convoluted and confusing. I have recently begun a full time college career at the age of 53. I am hoping to get a degree in Psychology and Sociology so that I can make a difference in the lives of others. It seems the most logical choice since what I want to do is help people suffering from OCD and obesity. Those are the most interesting conditions I see in my fellow humans. I suffer from obesity and its after effects. I have for today conquered it. I had surgery and have lost half my total body weight and have kept it off for more than a year now. But I know it can come back and I know I have to take it day by day. Did I cheat by having surgery? I don't believe I did and the more I blog over time about this I think my readers may agree. At over three hundred pounds I was one sick puppy. I could not do anything. I couldn't breath or tie my own shoes. I couldn't walk very far. I was pretty lazy in my day to day life. All I did was watch tv and read. My hobbies were sedentary things like scrap booking and crocheting. I was good at those things but they did not help me be healthy. Now I am a student and I take PE classes alongside a full academic course load. I love it all.
I promise not to bore you with food stuff like what I ate today and how good it is. I actually don't like that sort of thing. I eat what I need to eat when I need to and that is that. What I think I have in mind to do is to blog about my life as it has become now and not about what it was before although there may be some comparison once in a while. I also think I will post my papers here after I have turned them in and have gotten my grades.I would love feed back on my school work even if it is after the fact. Feel free to join me as I continue the rest of my life.